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Our Professional Services

Comprehensive investment experience and services.

Sandler Financial Group has access to a wide range of programs and strategies, allowing us to provide an independent approach to choose the right mix for our clients specific needs. As each individual, household or business has specific requirements and distinct goals, we work with you to create a plan that addresses your needs in totality.

This includes an array of diverse products and services designed for a variety of purposes—from solid investment options, to risk management strategies designed to help safeguard income and assets, to alternative investments for those looking for unique portfolio options. These include offerings from well-known names in the financial services industry as well as our own proprietary strategies and portfolio construction methodologies. We back our offerings with a team of professional support network of insurance, retirement, asset protection and wealth management specialists.

With such a broad assortment of investment options available, the investment professionals of Sandler Financial Group are able to customize clients portfolios to suit specific financial goals and life stages, while still striving to maximize value by tapping into unique and innovative solutions.

We look forward to working with you through all stages of your life. It’s easy to get started--just call (203) 595-0600, and let’s talk.

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Retirement Planning

With life expediencies increasing, many people spend up to one-third of their lifespan in retirement. So it's essential to prepare for these years, and put your investments to work to account for them.

Social Security Claiming Strategies

Need help making sense of your Social Security benefits?
We can provide guidance and help answer your questions:

                           ♦  “What’s My Year?” To get the most out of Social Security?   

                           ♦   When can I start taking Social Security?       

                           ♦   How are my benefits calculated?       

                           ♦   Ways to receive spousal, ex-spousal & dependent children benefits?

                           ♦   How will my benefits be taxed?

Portfolio Asset Management

Successful investing involves time, discipline and a carefully selected balance of investment vehicles. Portfolio asset management is one of the most important investment strategies.

Financial Planning

What should you be invested in? There is no one answer to this question. A financial planner can help you determine what investments are right for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Insurance Strategies

One of the most often overlooked aspects of financial planning. Yet       its also one of the most important. The strategy we build for you         may include many different components such as disability insurance,                                variable or term life insurance, disaster insurance, long-term care                                      insurance, annuities and/or business insurance.

Fixed Income

Bonds provide investors with a wide range of investment opportunities than can complement a portfolio. Also known as fixed income investments, bonds are loans investors make to issuers.

Estate Planning

Estate taxes can deplete up to 50 percent of your total assets. Taking appropriate steps to develop a sound estate plan can provide for effective preservation and transfer of assets to your loved ones.